WCEU 2015, Sevilla

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WCEU is over, long live the WCEU.

Next WCEU will take place in Vienna (Austria). I’ve understood you can now apply to organize the WCEU 2017.

I’ve mixed feelings about what happened at WCEU Sevilla. Great place, huge event but so tired to enjoy (this must be psychosomatic). Ultimately that’s really not about me, realy really not but I wish I could open myself a little bit more, sooo shy.

Anyway look at the city :






What a surprise ! The speech was really unique and not manichean, just facts. Fact like this :

Love this one because it underlines the super high level of stupidity one must have to actually believe men are made to be programmer while women can’t code anything. Plus coding is not about math. It’s related but highly specific.

Code should be fun, code should be all about freedom. The fact that women always have to prove they’re good while it’s not the same for men. Unfortunately sexism is not the only problem, there are “combos”. Look at this headline : “Black girls code”. It makes fun of two prejudices beautifully because in a sane world it would not be surprise anybody.

WordPress and the websockets

Strong promise : “Making WordPress real-time”. Really like the “setup” part. It’s so cool to discover new tools and geeky stuffs, it’s even more cooler to be able to do the same trick at home, that what they call open source, isn’t it smile

Want to see more ? just click this link : socket.io-php-emitter Be careful there are requirements (Redis, Composer) but it works like a charm and the UX is fantastic. The demo was epic. Thanks rase- !

Q&A with Matt Mullenweg

Support for PHP 5.2, old code base …etc it’s always the same complain. It’s a matter of choice. It’s probably not developer friendly but economically speaking the backward compatibility is a great idea.

I’m still convinced WordPress will have to make the technical transition one of these days. I mean PHP 5.2, 5.2 holy moly !


Hopefully there will be dozens of WCEUs, hopefully one day, in France. Maybe with the same “dress code” :

Huge fan !

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